About Us

We create addictive, compelling and — above all — fun games around real life challenges that face our world today. While we have nothing against simulation games, where players mine gold and harvest wood to build cities, raise armies and attack their neighbors, we think a game that put you in charge of a country, where you had to figure out government revenue, build up your country and deal with neighbors could be just as fun. Think SimCity, but on a country scale. Think social, form a free-trade area with your neighboring countries or spy and steal from them. Play against, or with people you know — or people you have never met.

However, our ideas are much bigger. What if the ‘engine’ underneath this game wasn’t some simplified, unrealistic model? What if, instead, we could use the same models that governments, the United Nations and other organizations use to plan their strategies? Models that are the work of 20+ years of science?

Our partnership with the Millennium Institute gives us access to some of the most realistic simulation models currently existing. They model not only the economy of a country, but also its environment and society.

We’re not economic modelers, or aspiring politicians — we’re a young team who love entertaining games and beautiful software, a good story and a healthy bit of competition.

At the end of the day, we’re not promoting a specific agenda. However, we make connections between our games and the real world places where these issues are being felt.

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Who we are

Mathew Herren

Matthew Herren

In a remote Kenyan village in 2005 Matt co-founded a project called Eduvision that used cheap handheld computers, open-source software and digital satellite radios to replace textbooks with e-textbooks. The goal of the project was both to lower the cost of providing education via cheaper e-textbooks, as well as increasing the quality. After a yearlong successful pilot in Kenya, he worked with a Swiss venture capital company to found a company that would continue to develop the technology. Eduvision AG (now known as BlankPage AG) was incorporated in Switzerland in 2007, with Matt as Chief Technology Officer. In 2006 the Massachusetts Institute of Technology named him one of the Top 35 Innovators in the world under 35. In addition to that Matt has an extensive network with development organizations and leading experts.

Sebastian Stier

Sebastian Stier

Sebastian holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Karlsruhe University where he focused on finance, accounting and IT. During his studies he spent one semester at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, focusing on development economics. Since 2008 Sebastian has been working as a consultant for the German based top management consultancy Roland Berger Strategy Consultants engaging in various projects on restructuring, business development and growth strategy. Before joining Roland Berger, Sebastian has been working on the “One Laptop Per Child” project in Ethiopia for German based development organization GTZ.